Kyiv Public Health Exhibition Resulted in Recognition for Dr. Eleks by the Director of Worldwide Health, Microsoft


Within the scope of the International Public Health Exhibition, held October 22-25 in Kyiv, ELEKS representatives conducted an effective meeting with Tom Lawry, Director of Worldwide Health at Microsoft. The core point was the Doctor Eleks system. Doctor Eleks is a medical information system that helps clinics collect and store all patient information.

As to the meeting itself, the atmosphere was very friendly. As a result, the system caught the fancy of Tom Lawry. Furthermore, he was deeply impressed by the fact that such innovative technological solutions are present in Ukraine. Currently, Tom Lawry is eager to provide his firm assistance by promulgating information on Doctor Eleks and its creative team.

About the EVENT
For the first time, Ukraine has hosted the Healthcare Summit organized by EuroConvention Conferences with the participation of senior representatives of the EU healthcare sector. The 22nd International Public Health Exhibition was held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.

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