Sneak Peek into Medical Software Localization Best Practices


On October 11, 2013 Elena Rudeshko, Strategic Account Manager, together with Petro Konovalov, Co-Founder of “Doctor ELEKS” medical software, will present the insiders’ story about medical product localization titled “Peculiarities of Medical Product Adaptation When Entering New Markets” at the Localization World Conference in Silicon Valley. The presentation sheds light on the best practices for locale adaptation of a medical product when entering the emerging Eastern European markets, including the challenges companies may face, such as medical regulations as well as linguistic, industrial and governmental obstacles.

Elena and Petro agreed to share a few words about their presentation and their expectations: 

What makes this topic interesting at the Localization World Conference?

This is the first time when we at ELEKS have decided to talk about our own product, Doctor ELEKS, for an international audience. We have been working in the medical market for over 7 years and have gathered a unique experience of how and what should be done to reach new markets in different countries. Now, we are present in five Eastern European countries and one Southern one countries; 4 of them are a former USSR states. Initially, we thought there would not be a huge difference. However, we were wrong. The healthcare and medical industries are very dynamic and are permanently developed. It is essential to monitor industry and governmental changes regularly.

In terms of Localization World, I think this is the right place to share our approach and experience with healthcare professionals from other parts of the world and hear their opinion on how they solve similar issues. There is a pre-conference roundtable session devoted to the healthcare industry. It means that this particular industry requires a very precise inside look. We are very proud that we have been invited to speak there as well. I think we will receive interesting feedback from other professionals which would help us review our approach.

Who is the audience for the presentation?

We expect to meet professionals there from the healthcare industry and provoke a lively discussion. We are very open to hearing individual opinions as they will only help us enhance what we do.

What is the main message you want your audience to take away?

Serving the medical and healthcare industry requires tremendous effort, time and passion. By putting in a huge amount of work and industry knowledge, these components became the core of the Doctor ELEKS team. Thus, I believe only factors such as these can help organizations succeed in the localization business.

Everything is very pragmatic. Right decisions made at a right time allow for the development of an architecture and a platform for future business solutions. Reliable partnerships and networking together with good business analysis based on previously-made decisions will provide good results in the end.

Why is the medical software topic so important now?

Previously, when patients complained physicians helped them with their specific problem. Now, with integrated software systems it is possible to see a patient’s entire health history with quick access to any medical chart, lab results, and/or changes in medical history. The physicians can make a correct diagnosis and provide patients with even more effective medical care within a short period of time. Moreover, financial operations in medical system have improved significantly (5 times cost reduction) by using electronic document flow in all parts of the medical organization. All these changes triggered the challenges for the localization industry, making it an extremely hot topic of discussion.

Elena: To summarize, I just would like to add that I myself feel very proud to work at ELEKS when I come to clinics on private visits and see that Doctor ELEKS is used there. This is something that always makes me smile!

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