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On July 25, 2013, the ELEKS Localization Division successfully presented the first part of its webinar series dedicated to game localization. In the light of this event, we interviewed Katia Kosovan and Vilena Serhiyenko, ELEKS’ localization experts who are the initiators of the webinar series.

What is the purpose of the webinar series?

Katia: Having such a prominent team of localization specialists with such great ideas and experience, it was a natural thought to share their knowledge with a wider audience. The team is also very enthusiastic about games, and I am sure they can bring a new vision and creative ideas to the industry.

What were the expectations and which ones were achieved?

Vilena: We planned the webinar series in way to cover a wide audience, from developers and testers to publishers and linguists. Therefore, it is important for us to try to meet each participant’s expectations. Despite the audience versatility, each attendee will receive something useful in their respective area of interests.

What was your audience response to the first webinar?

Katia: Our team is very excited to receive such a positive response from our audience. The attendees pointed out that the webinar was very informative and at the same time clear and concise. At the end of the webinar, people asked about the date of the next one and even provided the topic ideas which could be interesting for them.

How did you create such successful content for the webinar?

Vilena: Our success is definitely our professional team! Our guru localization engineers Andriy Lutsuk and Ihor Kuznietsov were the ones who created the webinar content for the first series. They showed the typical workflow concentrating on the initial stages of the game localization project: analysis, internationalization and preparation, further showing how these first stages can be important at the engineering step.

Where can the recorded webinar be viewed?

Vilena: To view the recorded webinar, please visit our blog. There you will find more information on the last webinar and the next one.

What’s next?

Katia: Now we are working on the next webinar dedicated to Game Testing. We will demonstrate parallel testing of games, an approach which significantly optimizes the QA process. The presentation will run via live streaming. It’s very exciting! Don’t miss the next webinar!

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