Yuriy Guts on His HPCFinance Conference Experience


May 13-15, 2013 - ELEKS’ representatives, Oleh Khoma, Business Development Manager, Head of ELEKS’ HPC unit and Yuriy Guts, ELEKS’ R&D Engineer, Cloud Expert attended the HPCFinance Conference in Tampere, Finland. Yuriy also was invited to speak for an academic audience on topic titled ‘’Cloud Supercomputing: from 0 to 100 TFLOPS in one click’’.

Since it was Yuriy’s first public presentation of such scale, we asked him to share his experience with us.

Yuriy, what is your impression of the conference?
The conference was a great opportunity to catch up on the latest trends in Financial Engineering and expand our professional network with some new interesting connections. It is not often that you meet such a large group of worldwide experts in the same place and have the chance to discuss the hottest technological trends with them. In general, it was a well-organized event with well-prepared speakers and attending it was definitely a pleasure.

Who visited the conference?
The audience was mainly academic scholars and industry leaders in Finance and HPC, such as banks, insurance and investment companies, consultants, software vendors, and other partners and fellows of the HPCFinance network. Technology-related talks by Intel, Microsoft, Maxeler and Eleks were combined with theoretical talks on numerical methods and mathematical models presented by leading European universities: Cambridge University, Goethe University Frankfurt and others.

How was your speech received?
The reception was very positive. Each day after my speech, I heard only good comments from the attendants and other speakers. They liked the way the presentation was delivered; in fact, I was very pleased to hear from the PhD students in Finance that my technological speech was completely understandable for people without a background in Computer Science. Having heard all this positive feedback, I definitely consider my mission accomplished.

What insights did you bring from the conference?
The conference helped me see how much research work and underlying theory is behind the technological solutions that we deliver to our clients in Finance. Also, once again I have realized that Financial Engineering is an industry that tends to be an early adopter of the newest technological trends, specifically in High Performance Computing.

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