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ELEKS Compliance Automation Platform

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Simplify and safeguard your business compliance

ELEKS’ Compliance Automation Platform (CAP) uses advanced Data Science to significantly reduce the cost and burden of compliance. The platform consolidates and automates all the efforts via a single custom dashboard, allowing you to establish a seamless compliance management workflow.

At ELEKS, we understand the complexity of the compliance process and the urgency to enforce all the requirements and continuously ensure they work as intended. With more than 20 years’ experience in tightly regulated sectors, we’re here to help you keep compliance on track.

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Why Choose ELEKS Compliance Automation?

Our comprehensive compliance management solution is adapted to your organisation's needs, with functionality that supports continuous improvements across your entire supply chain.
Reduce the total cost of compliance
ELEKS’ CAP helps you optimise expenses while maintaining total compliance. By reducing your dependency on manual compliance efforts, you'll minimise human error and streamline resource costs.
Manage changes in regulations
Our regulatory technology provides up-to-date standards, regulations and best practice for your industry and location. It lets you track the compliance requirements for each of your locations and consolidates them in a simple, easy to manage catalogue.
Identify and resolve compliance issues
ELEKS' CAP contains a reporting module that evaluates your current compliance score — dissectible by location, business unit or specific legislation. All issues are tracked, prioritised and given an automated solution, where possible.
Features and Functionality

Features and Functionality

  • Automated ‘map and gap’ reporting on existing and new legislation, international standards and third-party contract analysis.
  • Automated updates to internal policies and standards — triggered by changes in requirements.
  • Automated controls implementation and monitoring, where possible.
  • Flawless integration with your IT ecosystem via RESTful API.
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How it works

You receive automated suggestions for improvements that are tailored to your compliance result.
Step 1.
Select the frameworks, requirements and regulations you need to comply with or allow the system to identify scope, based on industry and location.
Step 2.
Upload your business documents - policies, standards, etc - for analysis.
Step 3.
The platform runs a report that gives you a compliance score then highlights missing controls.
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ELEKS Compliance Automation Platform