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Elevate your customer’s experience while maintaining high-level quality with our ISTQB-certified experts. Specializing in QA & Testing for desktop, web, and mobile, ELEKS has successfully delivered multiple testing projects over the past 20 years.

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Manual Testing

Manual testing is ideal for relatively small software projects that do not require large data testing. ELEKS’ testing expertise, backed by 2 decades of software development and testing experience for various projects, helps us provide the highest quality of software on-time and within the customer’s budget.

Types of Testing We Cover

  • Functional (Glass-Box and Black-Box)
  • Installation / Integration / System
  • Usability & Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Regression
  • Compatibility
  • Load / Stress / Performance
  • Security
  • Compliance Testing (508, UK and European accessibility standards)
  • Localization
  • Internationalization
  • User Acceptance

In addition, development teams perform Unit testing as part of continuous integration approach adopted throughout the company’s projects.

Desktop and Server-side QA Experience in Manual Testing

Our desktop and server-side QA experience in manual testing includes multiple platform coverage and a project-oriented approach. Since different types of software may require different testing methods, different strategies are involved.

1. For Desktop-oriented products: most of the software we test in this segment has undergone the following testing strategies: Functional, Security, Acceptance, Usability, Performance, Ad-hoc, Smoke, and Regression testing.

2. For Server-side software: testing is heavily dependent on the type of the software. For example, for security-oriented software, the following strategies are applied: Functional, Security, Acceptance, Usability, Performance, Integration, Compatibility, End to End, Reliability, Recovery Testing, and Regression testing.


Delivering Quality Solutions

with Manual Testing

Manual testing is an ideal results-oriented solution for small-scale projects that rely heavily on analytical methods.

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