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Mobile Application Testing

In the world of mobile poor quality cannot be hidden and one bad customer experience reaches thousands of users. Mobile Testing at ELEKS ensures that your customers have a positive experience when they use your mobile applications.

Added value of mobile app is ensured by:

  • Functionality
  • Efficiency
  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Portability
  • Maintainability


Your mobile application will be tested from every angle:

  • Sign-up & login
  • Menu options
  • Scrolling, selection & back button
  • Screen size
  • Interruptions
  • Error messages, etc.


Connection Speed & Data Usage are very important as your Application can show different performance under different conditions.

We answer the questions:

  • Does your app run the same on 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi?
  • Does your app drain battery faster than other apps?


Your application will be checked to make sure the user can complete the tasks they are expected to complete easily. Our experts will give you recommendations based on understanding of user expectations.

Your app will be tested on:

  • Functionality
  • Layout & design
  • Interaction


Will check if your application has a decent degree of fault tolerance. Also it is important to make sure if the application can recover itself, especially under stress conditions.


Your application will be installed and run on different test configurations, it will be checked if it can co-exist with the other applications of its niche.


Will check if your Mobile Application is robust, prone to changes and stable during its maturity lifecycle.

Seamless User Experience - Multiplatform Coverage

  • Windows Mobile
  • WinCE
  • Windows Phone (7-8)
  • iOS (1-6)
  • Symbian (6-10)
  • Android (1-4)
  • BlackBerry (4,5-7)
  • J2ME

Hardware We Use to Test Mobile Apps:


Synergy of Function-Oriented Manual and Automation Testing

Mobile Solution

Discover how integrated Mobile Testing ensured the application with efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

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