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Elevate your customer’s experience while maintaining high-level quality with our ISTQB-certified experts. Specializing in QA & Testing for desktop, web, and mobile, ELEKS has successfully delivered multiple testing projects over the past 20 years.

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Web Application Testing

As the range of emerging web technologies expands, so do the requirements for web applications.
ELEKS ensures that consistent performance of your web applications can easily compete with the capabilities of native applications and, therefore, function flawlessly across all possible devices, from legacy to modern ones.


Delivering Value through Well-established Expertise for Web Testing

ELEKS successfully responds to the rapidly changing web technology trends, demonstrating its well-established testing expertise powered by:

Broad experience in modern web technologies: Bootstrap, responsive UI, HTML5 features
Compliance with ISO/IEC 25010, IEEE 829 standards
Building of a traceability matrix for effective regression
Private clouds for cross - browser/environment testing
Partnership with public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services
‘Behind-the-scenes’ approach covering the detailed defect analysis

Supported Ratio of Platforms and Browsers


Web Services Testing

As web services are quickly turning into another extent of web applications, UI-only testing cannot cover all quality aspects. ELEKS applies the proven approach, which combines functional testing with ‘publish-find-bind’ processes to ensure the ultimate effectiveness and efficiency of your web application.


Tools: RestAssure, SoapUI, HttpClient, jMeter

Services: SOAP, REST


Web Application Testing Types

The unparalleled quality of your web application is our complete responsibility. We ensure your solution
is perfect before it reaches the final production environment.

  • Functional Testing
    Ensuring compliance with the requirements and business logics
  • Interface Testing
    Checking interface correspondence to the industry standards in terms of content visualization
  • Cross Browser Testing
    Validating smooth application functioning across different browsers
  • Performance Testing
    Assurance of application resilience under increased workload including the number of users, peak loads to detect critical flaws and memory leaks
  • API Testing
    Automated verification of application programming interface
  • Compatibility Testing
    Testing application for compatibility with platforms, browsers and extended features
  • Globalization (G11n): L10n/i18n Testing
    Ensuring proper application functioning across diverse countries, cultures and languages
  • Usability Testing
    Discovering user experience drawbacks to ensure effective interactions, navigation and legibility

Automated Testing for Web

We utilize the industry’s most efficient frameworks sharpened by our own tried-and-tested approach


Genuine Selenium Experience:

Cross–browser support: Selenium Grid, Sauce Labs
Flexible and lightweight test reports: Allure, ReportNg, AUT reporter, Customized TestNG reporter.
Design Patterns to meet industry standards: Page Object and Page Factory, Yandex Html Elements

HP Unified
Functional Testing
Silk Test

Lucrative Outgoing of Continuous Functional Testing Automation

Test Framework development aimed at the automation of functional tests execution on a continuous basis resulting in the improvement of quality, time- and cost-saving measures with less manual testing efforts.

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