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Adaptive Security Architecture

Why Adaptive Security Architecture Will Become A New Standard

The term adaptive security architecture is now at the forefront of discussion when it comes to the most appropriate response to dealing with data security for businesses. Through suitable implementation, adaptive security architecture can soon become a mainstream method. It allows companies capitalize on the technology available, with their personal data and customer’s information remaining a top priority.

The advancements in cyber threats

As cybersecurity threats and hacking methods become more advanced in terms of their methods of attack, similarly businesses need to adapt their methods of handling and preventing such threats. The advancements in data security breaches and the way in which companies can tackle them is an ever-changing and evolving problem. This problem will constantly need a workable, adaptable solution.

With an adaptive security architecture, methods used to deal with cyberattacks are improved with a basis of a more dynamic, continuous and effective modus operandi. As opposed to focusing on preventative measures and data recovery, the adaptive security architecture is built on the foundations of a more responsive, receptive and real-time outlook to protecting your data.

What are the main features?

  • Prevention: The appeal of adaptive security architecture focuses on taking the initiative and working continuously against any potential threats, as opposed to reacting and dealing with a threat or hack after it has occurred. Through adopting a strategy of anticipating a threat before it has occurred, such security approach can help protect your business’s data, long before the damage is done, through preventing the hack in the first place.
  • Detection: Through appropriate detection, threats can be identified and established before they have caused any damage to a business or enterprise. This essentially allows businesses to prepare for any eventuality, working to prevent targeted hacks, as opposed to having to handle such a threat when it is too late.
  • Response: Via a thorough investigation of incidents and appropriate analysis, an adaptive security architecture can respond accordingly to a threat, whether through a design or policy change or remediate response. This is in comparison to merely implementing a method of data recovery after the breach has occurred.
  • Prediction: A feature of adaptive security architecture is being able to anticipate threats and attacks before they occur. This is through monitoring behaviour and finding any discrepancies over continuous assessment and analysis.

A focus on machine learning

By having an adaptive security architecture that continuously responds and is made aware of threats throughout all areas of a business, you as a business owner will be collectively taking all measures to protect the data of your clients at various entry points for cyber hacks.

Through a service that continuously works to adapt and improve through the collection and analysis of data, you can rest assured you are taking the relevant and necessary precautions and preventative measures that can keep your business one step ahead.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection

As Artificial Intelligence or AI, advancements begin to become ingrained in everyday society, adopting a business’s security measures to allow for AI advancements to assist in preventing data hacks is another essential step for business owners to take. These security platforms that are powered by analytics and AI will generally work faster than less advanced or human counterparts, with more accurate results.

An example is User and Entity Behaviour Analytics, or UEBA, which works to profile the activity of users, devices, applications and networks. It seeks to detect anomalous patterns or unusual behaviour, that may arouse suspicion.

Quicker responses and real-time monitoring ensure that businesses with an adaptive security architecture can give their employees and customers the peace of mind that their data is protected by a sophisticated system. This system can encompass various areas of a business including network activity, user activity monitoring, system interactions and application transactions.

Add to this, the fact that there is more of a chance of any threat being known before it impacts a business or company, and it is easy to see how adaptive security architecture could soon become the norm for mainstream businesses.

To Conclude

Essentially, all businesses need to keep up with the ever-evolving advancements in data hacking. You cannot hope to do this without a forward-thinking approach that encompasses new ideas and strategies that can help, as opposed to hinder, a business to move forward with an appropriate data protection system in place.

“Every CISO would like to develop business-driven, risk and opportunity focused security architecture at both levels: enterprise and solutions”, comments Iurii Garasym, the Director of Corporate Security at ELEKS. “This architecture needs to be traceable and should help support the company's business objectives. The challenges here include dozens of possible attack vectors, a mass of hypothesis requiring verification, lots of security controls to address, etc. Adapting to security threats as they evolve is one of the critical aspects of the CISO's role. In my experience, you should always keep in mind the triad: “Prevent – Detect - Response.”

To establish a proactive approach to security, you need to build a mature team and do your work smartly. That means you need to look for optimisation and innovation. For such tasks as collecting and analysing data or automating and optimising routine tasks, consider using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for prediction and continuous incident response.

Enhance your model and tune the rules using reliable inputs and data sources. In this way, you can automatically reduce the impact of a potential attack. The other important aspect of a comprehensive security strategy is the business context. You need to continually evaluate business impact, assess risks and make well-thought decisions. Such adaptive security approach will allow your business to survive and thrive in the era of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

If you are looking for security services to help your business adopt an intelligent adaptive approach to security, our team of security experts will be happy to assist your needs. Get in touch with us.

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