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Adopt mobility and connected solutions to enhance workforce productivity, improve customer service and drive business performance.

Gartner predicts by 2020, there will be 20.8 billion devices connected to the Internet, while the total consumer and business spending only on IoT will reach $3 trillion by that time. Now, it’s the right moment for companies to put mobility top of mind.

ELEKS has been designing and building cross-platform mobile and IoT software solutions, helping businesses embrace digital connectivity for greater productivity and growth.

20.8 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020

Total spending only on IoT will reach $3 trillion


We can help you to

Engage and retain your customers

Engage and retain your customers

Enhance your customer experience with higher level of engagement, real-time communication and ability to access information faster. We will help you augment your products and services with smart mobile applications to improve the customer’s journey and increase the customer’s lifetime value.

Gain valuable insight into customer behaviour

Mobility and IoT technology have a great potential for improving your customer service offering. Our team of software engineers and data scientists will help you capture and analyze information about consumers’ location and buying habits, so that you could offer better-targeted and personalised services.

Improve employee engagement and performance

Mobile devices and connected gadgets let your employees easily access relevant information right on-the-go, process payments faster and synchronise their work with colleagues. You can also facilitate the operations in challenging, labour-intensive areas, where workers can get the most benefits from mobility and hands-free interactions.

Streamline workflows and boost productivity

Cloud-based mobile collaboration tools let your employees work from any location, at any time, so your business can run 24/7 in multiple time zones. So, you can expand your service hours and enhance the customer service experience.

Enhance operational visibility and security

With the help of smart connected devices, you can accurately track and record any workflows or activities and get alerts about emergency cases in seconds. Wearables with built-in cameras can be used to ensure a high level of security in your company.

Enhance operational visibility and security

How we work

Mobility Assessment
API Strategy
App Development
UI\UX support
Platform Strategy
Quality Strategy
Mobility Assessment
Mobility Assessment

Mobility Assessment

We help businesses implement an actionable mobility strategy, addressing the following questions:

  • Which of your business units can benefit from mobility?
  • Can you augment your services with a mobile app?
  • Which of your products needs a mobile version?


API Strategy
API Strategy

API Strategy

With our assistance, enterprises can embrace the advantages of public and private APIs for their business. Extend your customer services with mobile experience and streamline your operations with custom applications for internal use. We offer:

  • SOAP/REST integration
  • Mobile-friendly APIs
  • Integration with tools/platforms (ASP.NET/SharePoint etc.)


App Development
App Development

App Development

We design and build cross-platform mobile applications with intuitive UX and fast backend, powered by:

  • Resilient and scalable architecture
  • Integration with 3rd-party libraries
  • Cloud services
  • Reusable tools/frameworks
  • Smart analytics/crashlytics
  • Optimisation (UX, performance, etc.)


UI\UX support
UI\UX support

UI\UX support

Make your mobile app stand out in the crowded market with a meaningful, relevant and compelling user experience. We offer you support in:

  • Visual and interaction design
  • Custom icons, fonts, colors and styling
  • Tailoring existing apps to corporate guidelines
  • Mobile apps branding
  • B2C vs B2E styling


Platform Strategy
Platform Strategy

Platform Strategy

We help enterprises build a comprehensive platform strategy to embrace the potential of smart devices and connected gadgets available on the market. We build custom mobile apps and offer cross-platform development and support for deprecated platforms:

  • Native development - iOS (SWIFT, Objective C), Android (Java, KOTLIN, C/C++)
  • Support for deprecated platforms - Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, PALM OS
  • Cross-platform - Xamarin, React Native, C/C++ (QT), PhoneGap, HTML5... etc.


Quality Strategy
Quality Strategy

Quality Strategy

ELEKS’ QA experts will help you achieve and maintain the same high level of quality and security among all your mobile products through:

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Tools and Technologies



  • Swift
  • Objective c
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • .NET
  • Javascript



  • Xcode
  • App code
  • Android studio
  • Eclipse
  • Visual studio
  • Xamarin studio

Featured Case Study

A Unique Mobile App for Emotion
Recognition Launched in Just 5 Months
Learn how ELEKS designed and developed a state-of-the-art mobile application for Reactoo, featuring unique serverless architecture and smart emotion recognition algorithms. The app has been launched in just five months, which is 30% faster than the average time to market for this type of an application. Read the case study to learn how we did it.
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A Unique Mobile App for Emotion <br> Recognition Launched in Just 5 Months

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