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Security Services

Optimise your security investments and keep your data protected around the clock.

The landscape of the security threats today evolves at lightning speed. Businesses need a smart, proactive and more responsive security approach to stay ahead.

We understand that cyber threats are among the key pain points of enterprise risk management. Our security services focus on threat detection and response as the top security priorities. We apply the latest technologies and engage the brightest experts to help you lower security costs, extend your endpoint visibility and prevent future attacks.

By 2020, 30% of organisations targeted by major cyberattacks will spend more than two months cleansing backup systems and data, resulting in delayed recoveries.


We can help you

Optimise your security costs

Optimise your security costs

We can help you lower the cost of the incident response, making this process fast and straightforward. ELEKS’ Tier 1 analysts will perform an instant alert validation, so you can quickly react to the potential threats and mitigate them. Thanks to the timely and thorough incident investigation, you can minimise the number of the false alerts and increase the rate of the attacks detected.

Minimise the damage and disruption of a breach

Relying on ELEKS security services, our clients get their incidents investigated automatically, validated faster and more accurately. Our security teams track real incidents and remediate them before they spread and cause serious damage.

Improve your risk management and prevent breaches

We will help you establish complete visibility and an in-depth understanding of how attacks and breaches occur. While you see the root of each incident, you can discover the gaps in your defense and eliminate them faster.

Assess damage immediately and accurately

The ELEKS security team will provide you with a comprehensive report for each incident. You will immediately know if any sensitive data has been leaked. In case a breach occurs, you will get an instant damage assessment.

Avoid compromising security for productivity

Maintain endpoint connectivity and productivity during investigation and remediation without compromising security. Users can keep working as usual even while endpoints are under investigation and the threats are being remediated.

Avoid compromising security for productivity

How we work

We will guide you through all development stages — from discovery and solution design to implementation and support — enabling a dedicated application of technology, processes and people to the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Solution design
Operations support


This stage enables a quick search for unique technology solutions to help your business take advantage of the innovations and latest trends in the security field. Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis to clarify your problems and needs, determine the potential threads and uncover additional opportunities for your business.

Next step

Solution design
Solution design

Solution design

At this stage, we tailor a technology solution to meet your organisation's needs. We define the set of the services to address the discovered shortcomings and introduce the desired enhancements. Our experts will justify the cost-effectiveness of the solution, determine the resources required and come up with a comprehensive action plan.

Next step



Our team of security specialists will work side by side with you to implement the newly-designed solutions and services. We will help you smoothly adopt new security systems, procedures and policies to make sure you stay ahead of the security threats and drive efficiency across your organisation.

Next step

Operations support
Operations support

Operations support

We’ll make sure you are getting the most out of the implemented solution. Should there be any changes in your business, we will help you make the corresponding security adjustments. Our security service manager will provide you with regular performance reports as well as suggested improvements and best practices to adopt.

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What we do

  • Security monitoring
    We keep an eye on what is happening across all your networks and devices to ensure that attacks are detected and addressed as quickly as possible.
  • Security testing
    We perform through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, to ensure that your applications and infrastructure are free of any loopholes and weaknesses.
  • Compliance and risk management
    Our team will identify and address all the security risks and compliance requirements (including, but not limited to ISO27x, SOC2, GDPR) in a way that supports your organisation’s business goals.
  • Threat hunting
    Our advanced detection techniques will help you to proactively mitigate threats, inspect them and avoid any negative consequences.
  • Incident response
    We will help you recover from cyberattacks with minimum financial and reputational loss, as well as take necessary steps to prevent future incidents.
  • Secure data storage and transactions
    You will be able to protect important information with the most complete and reliable data storage and file sharing solutions.

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Preventive Actions Enterprises Can Take to Aviod IT Security Vulnerabilities

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