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Yes, we do Apple Watch apps

And apps for many other wearables

Why do some of the biggest brands in the world consult with ELEKS to develop wearable technology? We have got experience and a history of success. For the past year and a half, ELEKS has been making apps for Android Wear, Pebble and Google Glass – way before the announcement of Apple Watch. And, we created the popular, buzz-worthy Tesla app for Apple Watch.


Platform Matters: A New Wrist Experience

Wearable applications are unprecedented. The biggest development mistake one can make is jamming a mobile app into a smart watch. Wrist computers demand an entirely new science, and you can not just follow the Apple WatchKit guidelines and expect success. You need to understand wearable computing enthusiasts, lifestyles and functions. ELEKS helps you do that because we know all about wearables and designing for them.

Can Your Business Leverage Wearables?

Wearable computing hype is at a fever pitch. Yet very few businesses know the ins and outs of wearable technology. Fortunately, ELEKS has created dozens of wearable apps for different business goals. We can help you understand how this trend affects your business and whether or not you need to consider your own wearables strategy.


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Smart Cross Platform Solution for Efficient Time Tracking

Enterprise Productivity

ELEKS created a complex enterprise system for activity reporting that makes digital time tracking experience more efficient than traditional paperwork.

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