Data Science for Logistics & Transportation
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Transform your operations and disrupt the industry with bespoke data-driven solutions

  • Delivery options recommender
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Mode optimization
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Performance-based carrier selection
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Behavior Prediction
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Predictive fleet maintenance
  • Network risk assessment
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Warehouse location planning
cost cut with the smart apps for warehouse operations
increase in mobile user retention
experts in a team in just first 3 months
less time required from Aramex salespeople to create a sales quote
We are pleased with our partnership with ELEKS. For the past two years, ELEKS team has been playing a key role in transforming and upgrading our IT services to be in line with international best practices. They have proven to be a very responsive and proactive partner, and we consider them an extension of our internal team.
Omar Mohammad
Process Management Director at Aramex

Aramex is a leader in the global logistics and transportation industry with headquarters in Dubai and 18,000 employees in 69 countries. Continually investing in bespoke digital solutions, Aramex was looking for a technology partner with vast expertise in data science, UX design and R&D to support their digital strategy.

ELEKS delivered a bunch of business-critical software projects. Among these solutions are powerful data-driven tools for integrated logistics, international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, secure records, information management as well as e-services and e-business applications.
Cooperation with ELEKS, allows Aramex automate and optimise their entire operational and business ecosystem, as well as provide an outstanding customer experience.

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