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Data Science for Business

Embrace data-driven digital transformation to maximize the efficiency of your business.

ELEKS will assist you in making the most of the data you have. We offer a complete data science consulting service that works towards your ultimate business objectives - increase revenue, maximise utility and reduce costs.

Adopt advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to enable a quantum leap in your automated operations, risk management, and personalized customer service.

More than 40% of Data Science tasks will be automated by 2020

20% of companies will dedicate workers to guide neural networks


We can help you to

Deliver a customer-first service

Deliver a customer-first service

Your consumer data offers valuable insight into the needs and pain points of the people who buy from you. Use this information to segment your audience and deliver a personalised customer experience that improves conversion rates and maximises customer lifetime value.

Enable smart recommendations

With personalised product recommendations, you can engage more buyers and convert them into customers faster. Thus, you will increase your average order value as well as reduce workload and overhead for your salespeople.

Make better business decisions

Transform your organisation’s information into business insights and provide your key stakeholders with actionable data to power more efficient business decisions.

Manage risks more effectively

We can help you integrate predictive analytics into your business operations to let you instantly quantify your success, predict market demand and foresee risks.

Enhance organisational performance

With Data Science, you can ultimately optimise operations and automate your key processes, improve controls, measure and better manage performance and productivity as well as facilitate capacity planning.

Transform user experience with intelligent apps

Reduce manual operations required to perform mundane tasks, collect valuable user data to customise promotions and deliver an engaging, personalised user experience to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Transform user experience with intelligent apps

How we work

Dedicated Data Science experts
Complete technical solution
Advanced Analytics Suite
Dedicated Data Science experts
Dedicated Data Science experts

Dedicated Data Science experts

Is there an extensive amount of raw data in your organisation that is underused? And you wonder how to create value from it? Or maybe you already have a vision of how your data can work for you, but you lack the right resources to proceed.

We offer a dedicated Data Science expert to join your project and work on it end-to-end, analysing your business challenges, implementing a data-driven solution as well as providing you with further post-delivery support.


Complete technical solution
Complete technical solution

Complete technical solution

To build and successfully implement a data-driven strategy, you need to have the right people, processes and technology in place.

  • We analyse your business carefully to bring the right data to the surface and deliver a custom technical solution to address your business need.
  • Thanks to its microservice architecture, our solutions are scalable, easy to manage and can be integrated with your internal tools and processes.


Advanced Analytics Suite
Advanced Analytics Suite

Advanced Analytics Suite

Working to tackle our customers’ challenges, we’ve discovered that the most of the business value is achieved when the needs are addressed in a complex manner, not treated separately.

We have created a set of ready-to-use data-driven models that works as an integral whole towards our customers’ business needs, to power their business intelligence, optimise processes, maximise utility, cut operating costs, create fresh insights into consumer behaviour, increase profits and unlock new sources of growth.

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Tools and methods we apply

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning/deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • GPU computing
Tools and methods we apply

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IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100 2018
ISO 9001
isoiec 27001
Horizon Interactive Awards
The Webby Awards
it europa awards finalist
Clutch Global 2017
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