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Cloud & DevOps

Achieve greater agility, security and flexibility to scale your business for growth.

ELEKS’ DevOps experts will assist you in creating a stable and robust operating environment for your organisation, powered by the public, private or hybrid Cloud. We apply microservice architecture to establish fully-automated provisioning and incorporate NoOps concepts for even smoother, accelerated software deployment and improved service delivery.

Cloud computing is projected to reach $162B in 2020 attaining a compound annual growth rate of 19%.

International Data Corporation

We can help you to

Reduce costs of managing your IT systems

Reduce costs of managing your IT systems

ELEKS will help you move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud so that you could scale it easily along with your evolving needs and save on hardware and support. We will audit your current infrastructure, develop the improvement plan, perform the migration and provide you with ongoing maintenance.

Extend your service offering

Leveraging the Cloud, you can easily build innovative business models, create advanced value propositions and therefore generate new revenue streams. We follow the best practices of architecting for the Cloud to let your business offer new on-demand services and products to the customers as well as cut the cost required to enter new markets.

Secure your data

Hosting your systems in the Cloud, you can efficiently eliminate the risks associated with data security, integrity and confidentiality. Moreover, Cloud facilities will allow you to guarantee maximum service availability by providing for overall resilience and bringing possible downtimes to a minimum.

Boost operational productivity

Provide your employees with an opportunity to access, edit and share files anytime from any device. We will help you add flexibility to your operations, establishing a secure Cloud-based collaborative environment available for your employees, partners and contractors 24/7 around the globe.

How we work

Our experience covers custom cloud platform development, scaling out on-premise applications and migration of the legacy software to the cloud. Projects we deliver vary from custom Cloud management systems and virtual environments for remote work to highly-scalable B2C portals and HPC systems for various domains.

Our project portfolio includes:

  • Web services combining high- availability and load-balancing features, capable of handling thousands of requests per second;
  • Fully automated and scalable computation engines for high-performance computing and Big Data analytics tasks;
  • Infrastructure platforms for Fortune 500 corporations;
  • ELEKS own PaaS solutions (Enterprise, Mobile, Big Data) that we use to develop software products for our customers as well as for the company’s internal projects;
  • Scalable solutions created with the help of microservices based on Asp.Net Core technology.

Services we deliver

Cloud Platform Development
Scaling Out to the Cloud
Application Migration to the Cloud
Cloud Platform Development
Cloud Platform Development

Cloud Platform Development

We help our customers, from high-technology startups to Fortune 500 companies, to successfully deploy and scale their enterprise software to the Cloud.

ELEKS offers flexible IaaS/PaaS/SaaS solutions allowing our customer's scale to hit their growth targets. Our engineers build application platforms for HPC and Data Analytics, remote workplaces and Enterprise Application PaaS on top of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service Clouds such as Amazon Web Services, VMWare ESX and Xen Project.


Scaling Out to the Cloud
Scaling Out to the Cloud

Scaling Out to the Cloud

On-premise application scaled to the Cloud is an optimal way of combining the best of both worlds. We will help you ensure data security and reliability of the on-premise hosting as well as cost effectiveness, flexibility and reduced time to market.

ELEKS’ engineers have comprehensive experience implementing the scale-out strategy for various scenarios:

  • High-performance computing clusters
  • Big Data analytics engines
  • High traffic web services
  • Content delivery networks
  • Data backup and mirroring


Application Migration to the Cloud
Application Migration to the Cloud

Application Migration to the Cloud

The process of migrating a legacy application or an entire infrastructure to the Cloud may vary from simple reconfiguration to complete re-engineering.

We offer a flexible, tailored approach to Cloud migration to meet the unique needs of your business environment. The process includes discovery phase, design and proof of concept, process scaling and implementation, as well as application adaptation and further support.

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Cloud Service Stack



Infrastructure as a Service (e.g. Amazon EC2)



Platform as a Service (e.g. Google AppEngine)



Database as a Service (e.g. Amazon RDS)



Software as a Service (e.g. Salesforce)

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Industry Recognition

Finalist National Outsourcing Association Awards 2016
IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100 2017
Clutch TOP IoT Developers 2016
Clutch TOP Software Development Firms 2016
Horizon Interactive Awards
The Lovie Awards
Clutch TOP IT Outsourcing Companies 2017
The Webby Awards
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