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Desktop Publishing of Multimedia Packaging in 30 Languages

ELEKS’ DTP team succeeded in delivering a highly complex and voluminous project within a very tight time constraint of two and a half months, while helping the customer meet shipping deadlines and achieving the set goals.


One of the world's leading producers of security software


Security Software

  • Numerous target languages - 30
  • Simultaneous localization of all languages/components
  • 3 products combined into 1 project
  • ~7 components per language
  • Coordination of translators and proofreaders located worldwide

Delivered translation into 30 languages and DTP services for multimedia packaging.

Business Benefits
  • Highly qualified team of DTP operators
  • Flexible resources capacity
  • DTP experience with all the required languages
Technologies and tools

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, SDL WorldServer

Solution Overview

The project was intended to localize the customer’s packaging materials, such as software boxes, DVD inlays and on-bodies, booklets and inserts for retail software. The team was responsible for the following:

    • Creating templates in InDesign
    • Kick-off of the files to translators
    • DTP
    • Coordination of review process
    • Feedback implementation
    • Final delivery

    The required languages included Western and Eastern European languages as well as Middle Eastern and American languages. The translation and DTP of 30 languages ran in parallel, which also created difficulties in terms of coordination. Each product had its set of components, which could also be different from language to language. As these marketing materials are highly visible to end customers, the project demanded a thorough QA procedure.
Business Challenges
  • Project stakeholders located worldwide
  • A wide range of target languages handled in parallel
  • High quality expectations
  • Tight time frames Thorough QA process
Business Benefits
  • Flexible resources pool – ability to extend the team during peak periods
  • Huge experience in DTP and Project Management
  • Expertise in working with a large variety of languages
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost efficiency