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Las Vegas on Desktop

An Interactive Real-time Online Gaming Solution Platform

ELEKS designed and implemented a cost-effective solution for a multi-partners online poker game that ensures a high profitability for the online poker business


Headquartered in Sweden, our customer, an online gambling sites operator, runs a complete service gaming range, such as poker, casino games, a betting exchange, and a range of computer skill games utilizing proprietary gambling software on websites.


Entertainment, Online Games


The challenge was to speed up
development in the customer’s
private cloud.


The challenge was to create a web-based gaming platform targeting a broad range of customers.

Business Benefits

  • High quality of developed product
  • Complete product developed in terms that were set by the customer
  • Improved software quality
  • Great cooperation with ELEKS` development team.

Technologies and tools

Eclipse IDE(JBOSS IDE), MyEclipse, jBOSS, EJB3, JBOSSRULES (Drools), Jasper reports, web services (JAX-WS RI), Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JSP, JSF, Oracle ADF


Eclipse IDE, Apache, Tomcat, HTML, CSS, JSP, Spring, web services (JAX-WS RI) Muneybooker api> Wb-money api


Eclipse IDE, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, web services (JAX-WS RI), Java, MySQL, SQLyog Enterprise

Poker platform:

MySQL, Apache NIO, web services, JDBC


Solution Overview

ELEKS developed a web-based back-end system for an online gaming platform and web front-end for online players support. The product boasts an attractive user interface and front-end/back-end for management and an administration interface. 

Loosely coupled architecture provides flexibility to the solution, so the system is easily reconfigurable to support all known poker types (Omaha, Hold’em, etc.). It targets a broad range of customers. The system has the potential to be used with on a number of modern smartphone.

Project activities cover fully staged software development and deployment, starting from the game’s algorithm statistical behaviour, business requirements collection analysis, database modeling, implementation design, development, beta testing to the product launching, customer support, and troubleshooting. Put simply, the client had an idea and ELEKS took it from there to launch a turn-key online poker system.

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Tool's Advantages

  • Usability
    The system enables running under any OS without any additional installation of software or plug-ins.
  • Flexibility
    The application is easy reconfigurable and supports different poker variations (Omaha, Hold’em, etc.).
  • Flexibility
    There is a possibility to add a functionality if required
  • Security
    Increased system protection from possible force attacks through login and password security, IP validation, encrypted channel
  • Portability
    Our cross-platform solution is usable on a number of modern smartphone
  • Integration
    The system provides integration with multiple on-line payment systems (Neteller, Moneybookers, WebMoney)
  • System customization
    The application can be tailored to specific business needs and business objectives
  • Game statistics and reporting
    The platform enables providing real-time statistical data related to the current game and reporting functionality for the system administrator
  • Scalability
    Multi-partners online game platform
  • Operability
  • Platform-neutral communication via web services.

Scope of Services

  • Business analysis
  • Architecture and design development
  • Analysis of game algorithm statistical behaviour
  • Requirements creation
  • Server side development
  • Client side development
  • Management and an administration interface
  • User interface development
  • QA (stress, performance, beta, UI, etc.)
  • Support of the documentation
  • Switching internet payment systems