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Linguistic Services for the
Fortune 500 Company

Russian language support

ELEKS’ deep knowledge of the customer’s products and highly qualified linguists have helped customers improve language quality and gain cost benefits. ELEKS’ Russian linguists were involved with a glossary review and translation; intermediary strings check and localized the product review.


One of the world’s leading software producer


Computer Software

  • 7 products involved: each with its own specifications
  • Often unknown context for the string
  • Customer-specific workflow
  • Term database maintenance

Delivered translation and linguistic review services for 7 software products

Business Benefits
  • In-depth knowledge of products
  • Flexible availability
  • Qualified linguists located in the target language region
  • Reasonable prices
Technologies and tools

SDL WorldServer, Customer-specific tools and systems

Solution Overview

The customer was not satisfied with the quality of the Russian translation provided by the previous customer’s translators’ team. Since ELEKS was already involved with the software testing of the customer’s localized products, the team had good knowledge of its functionality and features and could easily identify from which dialog each separate string could come. Knowing and understanding client’s product functionality helped ELEKS’ linguists perform a quality review off the printed screens.

Key Deliverables

The ELEKS’ team of Russian linguists was responsible for:

  • Russian MT evaluation
  • Terms harvesting
  • Glossary approval
  • Key terminology review
  • UI strings review
  • In-product UI linguistic review
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Business Benefits
  • Proficient linguists native in the target language
  • Quick adoption of customer’s tools and processes
  • Translators, QA and Software Engineering teams located together – easy and fast communication
  • High quality of delivered services
  • Moderate rates