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Proven Cost Effectiveness through Automated Testing

Optimizing cost effectiveness of the product lifecycle and its testing in particular becomes more and more pressing nowadays. Among the different ways of achieving cost effectiveness of the testing processes, test automation is the most productive. It helps us perform several tests within a short period of time as well as minimize the risks related to the incorrect data input. Still, solid results depend on investing in test automation development, while the scope of spent resources differentiates according to the product, platform and checks required.


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Develop a test framework to automate UI and functional tests execution and make it continuous.

  • Developed web automated framework
  • Utilized Selenium and test case management systems (TMS) - JIRA
  • Test case automation executed
Business Benefits
  • Establishment of Automated Quality Assurance processes
  • Scalable EWA framework adaptation to project needs
  • Cost savings via the utilization of low-cost and free solutions
  • On-time deliveries
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Solution Overview

The solution itself bears the name of EWA (ELEKS Web Automation framework). Our approach does not require large investments in software development licenses since it mainly utilizes free-of-charge products such as Selenium and already available and widely spread test case management systems (TMS) like JIRA.

The test case automation is split into three stages:

  • Recording is a process of recording user’s action using Selenium IDE. The Test Automation Engineer records only the steps described in a test case
  • Stabilization is a stage of the test case code processing and fixing. The Test Automation Engineer repairs defects in object locators, adds delays, etc.
  • Validation is a process of adding validation checks to verify the expected results of a test. Offered two approaches:
    Batch properties verification and Validation functions
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ELEKS Web Automation Framework (EWA)
      On a defined schedule EWA connects to TMS using API and extracts all test cases assigned to a certain user specifically created for the automation test cases. Next, EWA groups all test cases and prepares the required virtual machine (VM) images. All VMs are located in ELEKS’ private cloud.

    Test case execution is performed in 3 stages:
  • Execution of preconditions
  • Test case execution
  • Cleanup
  • EWA generates 3 types of logs:
  • Textual log – HTML file contains description of all executed actions with results
  • Screenshots – captured bitmap after each step
  • Recorded video
Scope of Services & Advantages
  • Solid, bulletproof EWA framework built upon Selenium
  • Product quality assurance across multiple platforms and browsers
  • Less efforts dedicated to automated test creation and support
  • Maintaining the continuous integration processes
  • On-time project delivery
  • Possibility to execute test cases on hardware (physical) and virtual (emulators) mobile devices